Read more about our Screw It screws!

The toolless screw that anyone can use! No more using a drill, hammer, or screwdriver.

Hassle-free, fast installation. Holds up to 10 pounds. For drywall & wallboard without needing to find a stud! Great for ANY home decor!

Use for:

Pictures, Clocks, Mirrors, Shelves, and more!

How to Install:

Pilot pin provided to mark your location. (Looks like a push pin) The pin can be pushed in until flush with the wall, but it is not required. This is just used to help start your screw.

Insert screw into pilot hole and Screw It until the base of the head is flush to the wall. The T-bar can be inserted into the holes of the screw for added leverage if needed.

What you will get in your kit:

8 Screws, 1 Pilot Pin, 1 T-bar

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