About Us

Growing up, I was able to spend a lot of time with my great grandfather and he would always tell me to invent something. I was 19 when he passed at the age of 92 and I have never stopped thinking of something to create that would be helpful and we could all use it. So, how I came up with this is after spending 25 years in the medical field making bone screws and instruments plus having just purchased a cnc machine to start my own machine shop. My wife and I where in a spare room and I noticed several items she made when out with the ladies doing there wine and canvas/painting events. I said some of these are really nice so, why haven't you hung them up yet? Her reply was I don't want to use a hammer or any of your tools and I don't like those sticky things that go on the wall (or bug me really)! That got me thinking and being I had made so many different threads I started designing a screw & thread that could be installed without using any traditional tools and hold securely. Of I course searched to see what was out there already and didn't find anything like what I was thinking so, I started this long process and with the help of family, friends & taking what I learned at some small shows to get feedback from potential customers. Now we have Screw IT. Please keep the mind out of the gutter as my cousin actually came up with the name as that's how you install them and low and behold it had not been trademarked until now. We have these in a lot of homes now and have zero complaints. I here it all the time that I need t get these into stores.
With all that being said customer satisfaction is our primary concern.