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My Home Barn Productions, LLC

"Screw It" Picture Hanger Screw

"Screw It" Picture Hanger Screw

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"Screw It" Picture Hanger screw.
These picture hanger screws are an excellent choice to hang almost any wall decor and has been our Best Seller.

We designed this to make it simple to hang almost any wall decor without the use of any traditional tools.

No tools no problem and they install in 30 seconds or less. Holds up to 15 pounds in drywall & wall board. Can hold 40 pounds in solid wood.

Doesn't require an anchor and are great for many hanger types- chain/wire/string, key slot, sawtooth, picture & eyelets.

Package contains 4 screws with pilot / locating pin & T-bar if needed for additional leverage.

We have had many happy customers with zero complaints

If you have any questions about these screws please reach out to us and we will be happy to answer them.
Patent Pending 56355.03



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